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                  Conference Programme


                       Tuesday 23rd August

Tutorials and Workshops
Conference Registration 

                          Wednesday 24th August

  8:30 -   9:15           Conference Registration
  9:15 -   9:30           Welcome
  9:30 - 10:30           First keynote speaker - Prof. Jochen Triesch

10:30 - 11:00                                                                            Coffee Break

                                                                                           Cognitive Modelling

11:00-11:25             Dieter Vanderelst and Alan Winfield - Rational imitation for robots
11:25-11:50             Eva Ansermin, Ghiles Mostafaoui, Nils Beaussé and Philippe Gaussier - Learning to synchronously imitate gestures using entrainment effect
11:50-12:15             Alessio Mauro Franchi, Lorenzo Sernicola and Giuseppina Gini - Linguistic Primitives: a New Model for Language Development in Robotics
12:15-12:40             Zhe Su, Oliver Kroemer, Gerald E. Loeb, Gaurav S. Sukhatme and Stefan Schaal - Learning to Switch between Sensorimotor Primitives using Multimodal Haptic Signals

12:40 - 14:00                                                                                Lunch

                                                                                              Neural Models

14:00-14:25             James Finnis and Mark Neal - UESMANN: a feed-forward network capable of learning multiple functions
14:25-14:50             Marc Sutherland and Bernd Porr - Modelling the Effect of Dorsal Raphe Serotonin Neurons on Patience for Future Rewards
14:50-15:15             Danish Shaikh and Poramate Manoonpong - An Adaptive Neural Mechanism with a Lizard Ear Model for Binaural Acoustic Tracking

15:15 - 15:45                                                                          Coffee Break


15:45-16:10             Giuliano Di Canio, Stoyan Stoyanov, Ignacio Torroba Balmori, Jørgen Christian Larsen and Poramate Manoonpong - Adaptive Combinatorial Neural Control for Robust Locomotion of a Biped Robot
16:10-16:35             Martin F. Stoelen, Fabio Bonsignorio and Angelo Cangelosi - CoExploring Actuator Antagonism and Bio-Inspired Control in a Printable Robot Arm
16:35-17:00             Chris Tryk Lund Sørensen and Poramate Manoonpong - Modular Neural Control for Object Transportation of a Bio-inspired Hexapod Robot

18:00                                                           Welcome at National Library with nibbles/drinks

           Thursday 25th August

  9:00 - 10:00           Second keynote speaker - Prof. Og de Souza

 10:00 - 10:20                                                                 Posters Presentations

                                 Vince Jankovics, Stefan Mátéfi-Tempfli and Poramate Manoonpong - Artificial neural network based complaint control for robot arms

                                 Angel Duran and Angel Pascual del Pobil - A model of artificial genotype and norm of reaction in a robotic system

                                 Amy de Buitléir, Ronan Flynn, Mike Russell and Mark Daly - An architecture for pattern recognition and decision making

                                 Maud Gibbons, Colm O'Riordan and Josephine Griffith - Follow Flee: A Contingent Mobility Strategy for the Spatial Prisoner's Dilemma


10:20 - 11:00                                                     Coffee break with first poster session

                                                                              Robots and Multi-Robot Systems

11:00-11:25             Mariya Chepisheva, Utku Culha and Fumiya Iida – Manipulation of Chopsticks with a Soft Robotic Hand
11:25-11:50             Anna Frohnwieser, Alexander P. Willmott, John C. Murray, Thomas W. Pike and Anna Wilkinson - Using Marker-Based Motion Capture to Develop a Head Bobbing Robotic Lizard
11:50-12:15             Michail Maniadakis and Panos Trahanias - Time-informed, Adaptive Multi-robot Synchronization
12:15-12:40             Ben Jolley, James Borg and Alastair Channon - Analysis of Social Learning Strategies when Discovering and Maintaining Behaviours Inaccessible to Incremental Genetic Evolution

12:40 - 14:00                                                                         Lunch

14:00 - 15:00           Third keynote speaker - Dr Stefano Nolfi

15:00 - 15:25                                                              Posters Presentations

                               Changmin Lee and DaeEun Kim - A Landmark Vector Approach using Gray-Colored Information

                               Suresh Kumar, Patricia Shaw, Daniel Lewkowicz, Alexandros Giagkos, Mark Lee and Qiang Shen - Generalising Predictable Object Movements Through Experience Using Schemas

                               Michael Wooten and Ian Walker - Circumnutation: From Plants to Robots

                               Audrey Randall, John Klingner and Nikolaus Correll - Simulating Chemical Reactions using a Swarm of Miniature Robots

                               Wonki Lee and DaeEun Kim – Local Interaction of Agents for Division of Labor in Multi-Agent Systems

15:25 - 16:25                                                     Coffee break with second poster session

                                                                                        Artificial Evolution - 1

16:25-16:50             Rita Ramos, Miguel Duarte, Sancho Oliveira and Anders Christensen - Evolving Controllers for Robots with Multimodal Locomotion
16:50-17:15             Jared Moore and Philip McKinley - A Comparison of Multiobjective Algorithms in Evolving Quadrupedal Gaits
17:15-17:40             Kirk Scheper and Guido de Croon - Abstraction as a Mechanism to Cross the Reality Gap in Evolutionary Robotics

19:30                                                                                     Social Dinner


                                                                                         Friday 26th August

9:00 - 10:00           Fourth keynote speaker - Prof. Anthony Pipe

                                                                          Simulation and Agent-Based Models I

10:00-10:25             Changmin Lee and DaEeun Kim – A Moment Measure Model of Landmarks for Local Homing Navigation
10:25-10:50             Simon McGregor - A More Basic Version Of Agency? As If!

10:50 - 11:20                                                                      Coffee Break

Simulation and Agent-Based Models II

11:20-11:45             Kashif Zia, Momina Shaheen, Umar Farooq and Shahid Nazi - Conditions of Depleting Offender Behavior in Volunteering Dilemma: An Agent-Based Simulation Study
11:45-12:10             Peter Krcah - Adaptation of Virtual Creatures to Different Environments Through Morphological Plasticity
12:10-12:35             Marcos Cardinot, Maud Gibbons, Colm O'Riordan and Josephine Griffith - Simulation of an Optional Strategy in the Prisoner's Dilemma in Spatial and non-Spatial Environments

12:35-13:00                                                         Discussion and Conference Close
13:00-14:00                                                                            Lunch


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